Sunday, February 19, 2012

Project Life Week 4

Here's Project Life Week 4. Sorry for the poor pic quality. Hubby needs to "borrow" the camera from me. Photos were taken at night in my scrap room. Week 4 consists of all random stuff going about in our life.

 Take note that it is not in chronological order. The photo sleeves determine which photos or journal notes that I will put in.

Girls were busy playing with Angry Birds at their Aunt's house.

Here's the left side: Top right pic is a small note from Ah Ger's schoolmate's mummy (Their school uniform got mixed up). Bottom right: A drawing of Mummy by Meimei.

Here's the right page. Journaled down their homeworks, my favorite place to eat....etc.

Botton left: Journaled down funny things they said. Bottom right: Meimei's tantrum....

Week 4, and I'm still loving Project Life. Despite being set back while I took a 4 days short trip to Hongkong last weekend, I still managed to finish my Week 6 yesterday. Yes, it leaves me little time for LOs but I still feel that I had accomplished much more doing Project Life.

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Beautiful Ballerina

The girls started attending ballet class last year at Ballet & Music Company. It all started with Ah Ger dancing to every songs she heard while watching Barbie's cartoon show. She will imitate them (especially the "Twelve Dancing Princesses") dancing and swaying around. She even got her "Nenek" to buy ballerina clothing. Meimei as usual... will want whatever her big sister wants. Thus, both of them were sign up for it.

Here they are posing around as usual while waiting for their "Datuk" to come and fetch them.

Thats all for not.... thanks for dropping by!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Projec Life Week Three

A little behind with Project Life right now after spending a few days vacationing in HK. Just completed Week 4 but yet to take photos of them. For now.... here's Week 3.

Using a mix of the core kit and my own stash. Still keeping to flat embellishments.

Documented their new bags... dearest Daddy bought her new Hello Kitty bag... while Meimei choose to have a trolley bag... lazy to carry them??!

Top right is a "Thank you" card I received from a student nurse who also bake some homemade cookies for us.

A paper boat folded by Ah Ger using my box of patterned paper stash.

Early reunion dinner held at my SIL's new house.

A quite reunion steamboat dinner at our own house. We bought food enough to feed 5 adults i guessed!!

Thanks for dropping by! Got loads to do!